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About personal participation

You can enjoy the game with the same customers on the same day at the same time
by booking personally instead of as a team.

It is the enjoyment of personal futsal that you can play with a variety of people each time.

Apart from team practice, if you want to enjoy futsal more,
even though you are not a team member but want to enjoy the game,  please join in.

It is also possible to apply as teams.

Personal futsal participation fee Time

300 THB (tax included)

2 hours

Schedule of the event

Booking Form

Participation desired date and timeRequired
Year Month Day : Time
Year Month Day
Phone numberRequired
Email addressRequired

Notes for personal participation

  • Applications are accepted until the day. Apply using the Web form, by telephone or at the club house reception.
  • Pay the participation fee on the day.
  • Applications will close as soon as the enrollment limit is reached.
  • Cancellation is available by e-mail. (Let us know your name, application schedule, and contact information.)
  • In case of bad weather three hours before the scheduled starting time, or in case applicants do not reach the minimum number of people (10 persons), play will be canceled.
  • When canceling, we will contact your registered e-mail address.
  • We can not assume any responsibility for any accidents or injuries while playing. We recommend that you have accident insurance in advance. 
  • We are not responsible for any troubles or theft, etc. in this facility.